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Closing speech of the Teleconference of the ECA - G.Marinos

Jan 16, 2024

Concluding the works of the ECA teleconference, Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, noted, among other things, that a substantial discussion took place, demonstrating that the parties of the ECA are opening up important issues concerning the strategy of capitalism, the monopolies, the EU, the bourgeois governments and parties. They intervene in the ideological and political discourse and give a class response to the so-called green growth and climate change.

The study that has been done is invaluable. Important data from different countries were sharedduring the discussion. Each party individually and  through a collective effort, within the ranks of the ECA, should continue to study and show great perseverance, to intensify the effort so that these positions are embraced by the working class, the popular forces and the youth, who are concerned and looking for a way out of the impasses of the exploitative system (...)

The EU, the governments, liberal, social democratic and opportunist parties, pay lip serviceto the issue of climate change, andare harmonized when it comes tohiding the real causes of the destruction of the environment and whitewashing the culpability of the capitalist system and the criterion of capitalist profit that they all serve. They invoke climate change and use the severity of natural phenomena as a pretext, overstating their gravity in order to cover up the enormous responsibilities of the anti-popular bourgeois strategy that they formulate and follow. This strategy is responsible forthe lack of necessary infrastructure, the absence of a prevention and protection policy, the unused technological potential, i.e. the key factors that ultimately lead to the serious consequences of floods, fires and earthquakes, as experience has shown both in Greece and in other countries (...)

In thisongoing confrontation, which will be sharpened before the upcoming European Parliament elections, the independent intervention of the communists on these issues, the documented promotion of the ideological-political framework and the specific objectives of struggle that flow from it, is a crucial condition (...)

When we speak about the concept of environment, we do not only refer to the natural environment but we highlight its geopolitical, social and labour dimension, based on the needs of the people, and struggle for the overthrow of capitalist society and the construction of socialism-communism, which will free the working class from exploitation, imperialist competition and wars, will truly protect the environment, and will put the achievements of science and technology at the service of the people (...).