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Press Release: Teleconference of the European Communist Action On 14 January 2024


On 14 January 2024, the parties of the European Communist Action (ECA) held a teleconference under the theme: “Reject the parties of the EU, capital and ‘green’ exploitation. The hope for saving the environment is red”.

Kostas Papadakis, MEP and member of the CC of the KKE, delivered the introductory speech at the teleconference. The delegates of the CPs exchanged views on the issue of environmental protection and the so-called green growth. During the works, there was agreement and a significant convergence of views on important aspects of the issue. A Joint Statement will be issued in the near future, while the introductory speech and the contributions of the parties will be published on the ECA website.

On the occasion of the teleconference, the CPs of the ECA once again expressed their solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people and condemned Israel's criminal military operations in the Gaza Strip and the other Palestinian territories, as well as the US and British bombing of Yemen, which are leading the strategically important Red Sea and Persian Gulf region to conflagration.